Terms of Return

A return of Peak Yam Pounder is accepted within 7 days of delivery. Buyer must pay for the cost of return. The yam pounding machine must be undamaged and packaging intact.


If your yam pounding machine become defective due to faulty material or workmanship within12 months from the date of purchase, we undertake to repair the product(s), provided:

  1. The product is to be return at the buyer's cost to Peak Diamond Multipurpose Ltd or our Authorized Dealers with evidence of purchase details.
  2. The product has been purchased for yam pounding only and not for or as Flour Mixer.
  3. The product has not been misused or has not been carelessly handled or wilfully damaged or damaged due to accident.
  4. The product has been operated or maintained in accordance with the users instructions.
  5. Repairs have not been attempted by persons other than our support service personnel.


  • PLEASE, keep the yam pounding machine away from children!

  • Standard Home size and Family size are for household use only AND not for Restaurants, Hotels or Business use.

  • Use Single Industrial size and (or) Dual Industrial size for your Restaurants and Hotels businesses.

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  1. Boiled yam for pounding should not be over-boiled (especially for new yam).
  2. When introducing yam into the pounding chamber, make sure water do not accompany the boiled yam into the pounding chamber.
  3. Switch ON the Power button knob and allow machine to run for 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat at interval of 30 seconds until desired texture is attained.
  5. You can add water to the body of pounding chamber but not to the pounding yam directly.
  6. Remove your pounded yam with plastic scooper.


  1. Turn the pounding chamber (pot) clockwise to open.
  2. Lift the pounding chamber (pot) by holding the pounding blade upward to detach.
  3. After washing (cleaning) the pot, allow it to dry then add some quantity of eatable (cooking) oil at the base of the pounding blade for lubrication.


  1. Lower the pounding chamber (pot) by holding the pounding blade into the hallow chamber (pot) housing.
  2. Hold the pounding blade and push down the pounding chamber (pot) gently.
  3. Turn it left and right in quick succession for clicking (hooking) to the power shaft under the pounding chamber (pot) housing.
  4. Turn the pounding chamber (pot) anti-clockwise to lock.


If you feel that detaching and fixing the pot is a problem to you (some customers do have challenge in detaching/ fixing especially during their first few weeks of using the machine), you can gently clean the pot with soft sponge & dry it with clean handkerchief without detaching the pounding pot from machine. Make sure water is not pour inside the machine during the cleaning process.

After cleaning, put a drop of cooking oil on the side of pounding blade (cross-iron inside the pot). It will soften the pounding blade during next day pounding.


Over pounding can make pounded yam to draw like rubber. To avoid this, pound between 1 minute to 90 seconds, OFF the machine & check the food texture/quality. If it’s not done, ON it again for the next 30 seconds, OFF & check/touch the food. Repeat this until you get the desire quality.

While pounding, please support the cover with your hand.

Thank you for using Peak Yam Pounder.

Enjoy your pounded yam at its peak.